Hongkong Company Formation


Mr. Jason says, “Daniel Ma is helpful and professional. He can reply me what I need for my business. I can open my bank account within a couple of weeks. This man, I totally trust him.”


Mr. Victor say, “I never meet such guy who is patient, responsible and trustful. He can claim my offshore profits. It is real tax free with proven.


Mr. Zaini say, “I had used online formation service previously and registered one BVI company, but I cannot open my bank account. The service provider is not helpful. Their after-sales service is bad. Daniel Ma is a good guy. He can open a bank account for me at Standard Chartered.”


"The latest comments from my client (XXX August 2010)
Dear Daniel Ma,Just to inform you that the application you made on my behalf is successful (thanks to you) so I received from HSBC:
My account number (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
Security Device, activation PIN and User short name
ATM card and PIN number
I returned back to the bank, via registered mail, the acknowledge receipt forms for the ATM card (to activate it,) and for the Security Device.
So everything seems perfect... Thanks a lot again for your help.
I'll let you informed of next events.

On 20 July 2010, client's comments:
Dear Daniel Ma,

I would like to thank you and your company, all has been done with HSBC in a perfect way, the account is open and fully operational.
You did a great job and I will recommend your services to some of my partners and clients.
I have been more than satisfied and again I would to thanks you for the professional job.
Have a good day, I will not miss to contact you again in the future if needed.

Date: 27 July 2010
From Company Name: VANGUARD TECHNOLOGIES  Kingsley
Hi All, i spent sometime searching on net where i could open my company in HK
and i found YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED and added Mr Daniel Ma on my skype and wait some hours due to Country time difference.
When i was preparing to shut down windows Daniel Ma went online.
Today after 2-3 weeks i received my fantastic package with all tools ready to start work with it, so I'm very happy that i found him, he is very professional with his work, he explained to me all the steps to open a company, explained to me what was the best option to me and everything, of course on first 10-20 minutes i stay worried thinking if i could trust but its normal, his attention gave to me a trust level because i make him wait some days to test if he was going to continue to answer my questions.
So, my last words for Mr Daniel Ma is GREAT JOB could not be less than it for a GREAT PROFESSIONAL!
PS: if someone wants to confirm if im telling the true ask him my email will be a pleasure to confirm my comments with anyone....


29 July 2010
Dear Mr. Daniel Ma
I confirm having received Activation PIN and security device from HSBC HK today, which is working fine for my online Banking. Many thanks for your kind help and co-operation. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance to you from Mumbai/India.
Best Regards

Mumbai - India

27 July 2010
The overall experience is quite pleasant for me.

It is the first company that I set up without being involved by myself.
Of course, there was quite a bit of uncertainty and concerns, etc.
he fundamental worry is that I will be left alone and nobody would be there to answer my question.
I asked a lot of questions, confirmed each step during the process: Daniel Ma is a very helpful guy; who basically answered all my questions without empty promises.
Daniel Ma is always there; that really assures me that things will go well in the hands of Daniel Ma. and things did go very well.
I have the company setup, name changed, bank account sorted out. All that I would like to say is Thank you to Daniel Ma.
Thanks, Daniel Ma.

David Hu





More international bankers, they claim, come to my office and ask for cooperative scheme. They confirm that our signature, once certified, can open a bank account within 24 hours, for all jurisdictions. Now financial crisis. Many businessmen loss money. USA, UK .... their bankers .... Might have unexpected bankruptcy..... which banks you can trust ? Therefore, we only work with one international banker, HSBC. We can open an offshore bank account for you without visiting Hong Kong for all offshore jurisdictions (however, we prefer you to choose Hong Kong company), with the documents given below:

a) Formation Documents
b) Passport copy
c) Address proof copy


You only fill up the formation form to us, we will revaluate your case and recommend which bankers are suitable for you. We can guarantee that we can open an offshore bank accounts for you.
In 2008 、 2009 and 2010, we are rewarded as the best partner with HSBC.