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Trademark Registration In World


Youfu Accountants Limited provide trademark registration for the following places:

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Mexico.
General Situation
A successful trademark can bring the trademark owner goodwill. This not only followed a huge profit, and also promotes trademark owner’s business. In order to protect your own intelligent right, register your trademark is a must.
Once a trademark application approved, the applicant will have the exclusive right for the trademark. If there is any tort against a register trademark, the trademark owner can take legal action to stop the tort and ask for indemnity. So the best protection method is to get trademark registered. Any organization or individual can appoint us to help them register their trademark in Hong Kong, China or oversea. Applicant should provide applicant information, product class, register logo, together with a completed application form of our company, we will start the registration once when receive all the above documents. Starting from apply, publication to receive the license, we will provide professional advice for the applicant.
Application Conditions
Any individual, corporate or organizations’ product logo is significantly different from others, including letter, graphic, character, number, 3D logo, color or a combination of the above can be register for trademark.
The following cannot be registered as trademark:
1. Country name, national flag, national emblem, army flag, Medal of Honor or similar logos, similar name or logo as government department, similar name or logo as landmarks.
2. Similar name, flag or logo of Intergovernmental organization, unless approved by the organization and not misguiding public.
3. Similar logo or chop of governmental examination or guarantee department, unless authorized.
4. Similar logo or name as “Red Cross” or “Red Crescent”
5. Racism
6. Overstated promotion or fraudulency
7. Harmful to social ethic or will have bad influence to public
8. A common use product name, logo or model
9. Direct indicate of product quality, material, function, weight, quantity or other feature.
Registration process:
1) The trademark application date is based on the date when Trademark Office receive the application documents
2) If the Trademark Office does not receive complete application documents or find out there is already registered similar trademark, they will delay the application and wait for applicant or agency to update their application
3) If the application documents are completed, product or service class and trademark detail are presented correctly and no similar registered trademark, the office will send the applicant or agency an advice notice in around 90 to 180 days.
4) Once the advices notice post out, there will be a public announcement for the trademark registration.
5) If there is no one objects against the trademark registration or the objection ruled out, the trademark registration would complete, trademark owners have exclusive right to use the trademark and is protected by law. The Trademark Office will send a certificate to the applicant or agency within one month.
6) If the applicants or agencies refuse to accept the letter for rejecting trademark registration, they can complaint against the decision according to the trademark registration country legal system.
How to appoint us to be the registration agency
Application term:
1) Corporation Applicant; or
2) Individual (aged above 18) applicant
Required documents for the application
1) Applicant documents
 Corporation applicant please provide Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration copy
 Individual applicant please provide ID card or passport copy
2) Trademark sample
 Two clear trademark samples, samples size should between 5cm x 5cm to 10cm x 10cm. Softcopy will do.
  P.S. If the logo is colored please provide original colored sample, if the trademark will not register for color, there will be no color restriction for sample.
3) Indicate the Class you want the trademark register
 Applicant should decide which Class they want their product and service register according to the classification list of the trademark registration regulation. The classification list can be found it our website.
4) Letter of attorney for trademark registration
 The letter of attorney can be downloaded in our website or contact our customer hotline to get one.
 Applicant must sign or chop on the letter of attorney
5) Related fee
Extra notes
The registration fee does not include revision fee and fee brought by any objection. If the registration is objected within the public announcement period or apply revision after the trademark registration rejected, there will be extra fee, for detail please contact with us.
Trademark registration fee does not include translation fee, if needed only.
The registration service is charged at the beginning of the registration, there will be no refund no matter what the registration result is.
Once we submit the application to the Trademark Office, it is not possible to change the trademark detail anymore.
If applicant wants to change the trademark after the submission, it will be counted as a new case.