Hongkong Company Formation

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Define Business Map

Defining the clients specific needs and circumstances, our professional consultant will propose investment location, the method and form of business investment, as well as the estimated expenses. The accurate definition of the business map will be able to achieve maximized benefits for the company.

Management of Investment Capital

We can guide our clients how to better make use of Hong Kong's free (no foreign exchange controls) and effective banking system for versatile management  of their capital funds.

- Use of Hong Kong as  fund transfer & management centre for their business

- For China investors, we can devise plan for capital recovery/withdrawal and minimizing profit tax payout

Double Taxation Avoidance

In regard to the taxation policies of the different  countries (involved in trade with the company), we look into simulated situations to compute and provide more efficient routes/methods to reduce total expenses  and avoid double taxation payouts.

Supplementary Services

Youfu Accountants Limited is able to provide assistance and solutions to overcome problems arising  from China's poor social  system and  complications  from real practice and regulations.

- Benefit from our extensive network & connections in China

- Arrangement for office lease, provision of manpower and set-up of communication facilities.

Tax Filing / Management

- Reorganization of clients companys monthly purchases/sales for appropriate execution for tax filing

- Guide/assist client to administer proper book-keeping

- "Alert system" applicable against taxable profits

Auditing Services

- Man to Man consulting session with client

To prevent untruthful tax filing, the Inland Revenue Department requires accounts to be audited by CPA designated auditors

- Appeal on clients behalf against high tax payout  or request for tax-free situations

- Request for tax relief against taxable profits transfer to third party