Hongkong Company Formation

Package Business and Investment Services

Package Business and Investment Services 

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED, which has a very nice service network in Hong Kong and around China, can provide SMEs and cooperators with business and investment services in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Offshore Jurisdictions and Overseas Countries. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has expertise in China business opportunities and investment portfolio.

Hong Kong Business and Investment Services

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has six service outlets around Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories, YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED provides Hong Kong investment portfolio, Hong Kong business plan, Hong Kong pre-IPO service, Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong company transfer, Hong Kong shelf companies for sale, Hong Kong trademark registration, trademark renewal and transfer, trademark authorization, legalization and notarization of Hong Kong companies, Hong Kong lawyers’ services, Hong Kong bank account opening, bank reference letters, bank documents follow-up, Hong Kong customs declaration, Hong Kong statutory secretarial services, Hong Kong commercial secretarial services, Hong Kong office leasing, Hong Kong telephone answer and transfer, local and international transfer of goods and L/C, document endorsed by consulates in HK, Hong Kong domain name registration, website design, trade and logistics assistance, annual return to Company Registries, annual return to Inland Revenue, financial plan for Hong Kong company, book-keeping and auditing, tax returns to tax departments, human resource solutions, Hong Kong work permits, Hong Kong bond’s investment plans, Hong Kong stock account opening, Hong Kong investment immigration services.

China Business and Investment Services

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has 12 service outlets in the main cities around China, providing services such as: China investment portfolio, China business setup, project feasibility study, business plan, due diligence report, project financing, business, investment opportunities, merger and acquisition, China business setup in forms of WFOE / EJV / CJV / RO, certified capital injection, China trademark registration / renewal / authorization / transfer , BOT service, China patent registration, China market feasibility study, China human resource plan, China tax layout, China legal services, China work permit, China entry visa, China bank account opening, China bookkeeping and auditing, monthly tax return to national tax and local tax administration, China pre-IPO services. All the services could reach to Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yiwu, Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Offshore Business and Investment Services

Offshore business is popular around the world and many offshore jurisdictions offer offshore company registration for offshore operation and business purpose. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has a very good connection with offshore countries in offering business and investment services such as Samoa company registration, Seychelles corporate formation, Anguilla company registration, BVI company registration, Delaware corporate formation, Cayman corporate formation, Bermuda company registration, Brunei company registration, Labuan company registration. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED also provides bank account opening, capital operation, financial management and tax layout for the businesses set up in the above-mentioned offshore jurisdictions.

Overseas Business and Investment Services

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has 38 service outlets and more than 3000 co-operators in the main cities around the world, providing services such as USA investment portfolio and business plan, USA corporate formation, USA bank account opening, USA houses purchasing service, USA entry visa and work permit, USA investment immigration, USA intellectual property service, OTCBB and pre-IPO services, UK company registration, Swiss corporate formation, Swiss bank account opening, Swiss business investment, South Korea company registration, South Korea trademark registration, Malaysia company registration, Malaysia second hometown scheme immigration service, Singapore corporate formation, Japan corporate formation, Japan trademark registration, France trademark registration, Italy trademark registration, Netherlands investment guide, India investment guide.

Package Business and Investment Services

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED package business and investment services are tailor-made especially for investors who want to invest in China. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED lets you know how to invest, what to invest, where to invest, when to invest and the most important thing of how to make profit. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED provides one stop services ranging from business setup to pre-IPO, such as investment promotion, business opportunities introduction, investment portfolio and business plan, shareholder nominee, director nominee, project financing, government PR, merger and acquisition, asset management and mortgage, so as to make sure your investment is profit-orientated.