Hongkong Company Formation

Professional Services

Audit services

Statutory audit

- Audit companies' financial statements according to Hong Kong Company Ordinance and other laws and regulations and distribute audit report at annual shareholders' general meetings;
- Audited financial statements to submit to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for tax filing purpose;
- Obtain thorough understanding of clients' businesses and bookkeeping methods and provide professional opinions on them;
- Provide clients' directors with opinions on their statutory responsibilities and ways in compliance thereof.
Special Audit and Business valuation

- Upon request from clients to review on companies' business or special issues, make relevant reports and provide suggestions on improvement;
- Prepare reports according to clients' specific requirements, e.g., business appraisal and business operation valuation;
- Provide clients with specific audit services according to the demand of trade investments, acquisitions, mergers or company listings.


Accounting and commercial assistance

- Provide a registered address in Hong Kong and collect letters;
- Prepare monthly/annual financial statements and compile accounting books and records for enterprises;
- Handle commercial documents such as bank' s letters of credit, and import and export shipping documents;
- Calculate and manage salary and submit mandatory provident fund to comply with statutory requirement.

Hong Kong, American and Canadian taxation support

Taxation support in Hong Kong

- Handle tax declaration, including returns of profits tax and property tax of limited companies, unlimited companies and individuals, employer's return, salaries tax of employees, individuals tax returns;
- Provide appropriate tax planning and taxation consultation services to enterprises and individuals;
- Act as tax representative of clients;
- Assist clients in answering relevant questions from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, deal with tax investigation and lodge tax appeals on behalf of clients.

American and Canadian taxation support

- Provide clients who plan to emigrate to U.S. and Canada with taxation consultation and arrangement before emigration;
- Submit American and Canadian individual income tax returns.


Services of corporate secretary

- Register Hong Kong, Macau or offshore companies, representative offices and foreign investment enterprises in Mainland China;
- Take up the post of corporate secretary as stipulated in Hong Kong Companies Ordinance;
- Prepare articles of association of limited company, apply for all kinds of business registrations and process bank account opening documents;
- Process statutory records and documents of a company such as register of shareholders and directors;
- Arrange and attend Board of Directors and/or Shareholders' meetings and prepare meeting minutes;
- Prepare and file statutory documents such as annual returns to comply with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance;
- Deal with the changes to company' s information, including the change of name and address or replacement of directors and/or corporate secretary;
- Handle change of company' s share transfer, increase of shareholders or the amount of registered capital, etc.;
- Provide services concerning the deregistration and dissolution of a company and shareholders' voluntary liquidation;

Management consultation, Listing consultation and arrangement

- Manage financial and accounting systems, production cost and budget plan;
- Assist in making business plan and developing strategic direction;
- Provide professional opinions when conducting new investment activities;
- Assist in positioning of corporate image and plan the direction of short-term, medium-term and long-term business promotion;
- Provide listing consultation, planning and arrangement services to Hong Kong and Chinese enterprises in listing in Hong Kong, Singapore and U.S.;
- Coordinate and provide listing-related professional contact services (such as contacting lawyers, merchant banks, underwriters and financial public relation personnel) to ensure quick and effective services;
- Provide Employees’ recruitment and training service

Financial reorganization and liquidation management of companies

- Provide opinions on liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency;
- Provide consulting services concerning debt recovery to borrowers and creditors;
- Assist companies in financial crisis situations;
- Company takeover and creditors' voluntary liquidation and compulsory liquidation.