Hongkong Company Formation

Auditing Services

When filing Profits Tax Return

All items in the Profits Tax Return must be completed fully and properly. Return should be filed on time, together with the following documents:
For corporations, they are:
(i) a certified copy of Balance Sheet, Auditor's Report where required by Hong Kong or foreign Law or has otherwise been prepared and Profit and Loss Account in respect of the basis period; 
(ii) a tax computation with supporting schedules showing how the amount of Assessable Profits (or Adjusted Loss) has been arrived at;
(iii) the Supplementary Form (IR 51S); and
(iv) other documents and information as specified in the Notes and Instructions.

S.131 of Company Law of Hong Kong - Appointment of auditors

(1) Every company shall at each annual general meeting of the company appoint an auditor or auditors to hold office from the conclusion of that meeting until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting of the company.
(2) Where at an annual general meeting of a company no auditors are appointed or reappointed, the court may, on the application of any member of the company, appoint a person to fill the vacancy.
(3) The first auditors of a company may be appointed by the directors at any time before the first annual general meeting of the company, and auditors so appointed shall hold office until the conclusion of that meeting.
(4) If the directors fail to exercise their powers under subsection (3), those powers may be exercised by the company in general meeting.
(5) The directors, or the company in general meeting, may fill any casual vacancy in the office of auditor, but while any such vacancy continues, the surviving or continuing auditor or auditors, if any, may act.

YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED, being regulated by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants ("HKICPA") incorporated under Professional Accountants Ordinance in Hong Kong, is registered to carry out audit work in Hong Kong and expresses opinion on the financial statements of the companies in auditing.  We have considerable experience in auditing a wide range of clients as from individual companies to large factories and businesses, including specialized areas such partnership, trading, manufacturing, property holding, investment holding, servicing and retailing.

We are not just to perform the "annual audit" but to be friendly and be value added to our clients, especially in developing and improving their profitability.  It is achieved by helping to:
Improve internal and external control
Improve quality information to stakeholders
Assist in fund raising
Strategic planning
Help management to make better decisions
Comment on business structure/future plans