Hongkong Company Formation

Hongkong Company Q & A

1. What type of company you will register for me ?

The company we register for you is a private limited company. It is a private company with limited liability.

2. What the company name I can use ?

Basically, if the name is not yet registered, you can use it.

3. I come from overseas, can I register a Hong Kong company ?

Yes, you can. You can act as shareholder and director of Hong Kong company. You are not required to get working visa.

4. How many directors or shareholders are required ?

There is at least one director and shareholder. The director and shareholder can be the same person, it can be an overseas person.

5. What documents and information you require to register a Hong Kong company for me ?

 You just go to Order Forms Section and download the company formation form and fill it up. It has the required details we need to form a Hong Kong company for you.

6. What amount of share capital is required ? Do I require to pay to my Hong Kong company ?

The amount of share capital is at least HK$1.00. But the standard share capital is HK$10,000. It is only required for you to sign a document called M & A, and actual payment is not required.

7. What is the procedure and how long does it take ?

First, you come to Order Forms Section and download company formation form and fill up the details and e-mail back to us. We will prepare for formation documents and e-mail back to you for signing. Then you print out and sign and return to us. We will file the documents to Companies Registry. After 7-8 processing days, we will collect the certificate of incorporation for you and it is done and we will send back the formation package to you by international courier.

8. Can I open a bank account ? Do I have to visit Hong Kong ? What is the fee ?

Yes, you can. We have worked with an international banker, HSBC, that we can open a corporate bank account for you without visiting Hong Kong. For details, please visit Offshore Bank Account Section.

9. How much do you charge ? 

Yes, now we have a package fee of US$850 which includes: a) free name check b) draft up M & A c) certificate of incorporation d) business registration certificate e) printed 20 copies of M & A f) a statutory booklet g) a share certificate booklet h) a seal, a signature chop and a round acknowledged chop i) a green box j) an original formation documents k) a certified copy of formation documents Now, we give free of the following: 1) Free mail forwarding (for a year) 2) Providing registered office and business address for a year 3) Appointment of corporate secretary and local agency for a year

10. What is the annual fees ?

 We charge only US$760 including: 1) Preparing for annual returns and file to the Companies Registry 2) Collecting the business registration certificate 3) Appointment of corporate secretary for a year 4) Providing registered office address for a year

11. Do I require to keep account records, do audits and report to tax departments ?

Yes, in Hong Kong tax law and Hong Kong company law, a Hong Kong company is required to keep proper account records, and every year, it does requires to appoint auditor to issue an auditor report for accounts and file to Hong Kong tax department.

12. If I do overseas business, do I need to pay tax ?

No, I have mentioned already in Hong Kong Company Formation Section. Generally, when we register Hong Kong company for our clients, we will keep accounting records for them, and do annual accounts and audits and file to Hong Kong tax departments and claim offshore profits.

13. How much do you charge for accounts, audits and filing tax.

Basically, we charge based upon how much the workload we have in regarding for your company. On average, we charge US$500-1,000 for annual accounting, auditing, and tax filing.

14. Do you form other offshore companies ? How much do you charge ?

Yes, we are offshore expert. Please visit other sections of our website.

15. Do you open offshore bank account for other offshore companies ?

Yes, for all jurisdictions.

16. Do you provide trust services ?

Yes, please visit Other Professional Services section.

17. Can I pay deposit first ?

Yes, we accept 50% payment as deposit first and when all the formation done, you can settle outstanding payments.

18. How can I pay to you ? Can I pay by credit card ?

Yes, you can pay either by bank transfer, cheque/check, paypal, western union, money gram or credit card  which our Once we accept your order, we will instruct you how to make settlement . 

19.  Do you have a fast way to get company done, and importantly an offshore bank account ?

Yes, you can come to Hong Kong (only 3 days) to get everything.  On the first day, you come to my office and buy a shelf company, then we will file to government departments for approval. It takes 1-2 days.  Then on the third day, we will arrange a banker for you, you just go to the HSBC and sign documents and can get bank account number (for multi currencies), token and password (within an half hour, the same day).