Hongkong Company Formation

Secretarial Services
We offer an efficient service to ensure the compliance to the relevant laws of a company and advise any change of provisions which may affect the company as early as possible.  This avoids penalties and the non-compliance, which may affect internal and external documentation as to the third parties.  In helping clients, we provide excellent and efficient service to company formation of various nature, like proprietor, partnership, limited company, non-profit making association and off-shore company.  Share revaluation, business buy-out, merger and amalgamation may be of helpful in company restructuring.

Other Company Secretarial Services
Attendance at directors/shareholders meetings
Preparation of minutes
Contract review
Litigation support
Attendance at creditors meetings
Members and creditors liquidations
Voluntary arrangements
Provision of nominee services
Provision for registered office address, especially for overseas companies
Secretarial services consultancy and advice