Hongkong Company Formation

How to register H.K Co. ?

1. Go to Order Form section and downloan the form

2. Fill up the details in the form and e-mail back to us

3. We will prepare for formation documents and e-mail back to you

4. Print out and sign and return the original documents back to us

5. We receive your documents and file to government departments

6. The certificate of incorporation is issued and we apply for other licenses

7. Formation fully completed and we send the documents back to you by express courier

Remark: For other details, please visit Q & A section.

After you register, you will have the following:
-free name check
-draft up M & A
-certificate of incorporation
-business registration certificate
-printed 20 copies of M & A
-a statutory booklet
-a share certificate booklet
-a seal, a signature chop and a round acknowledged chop
-a green box
-an original formation documents
-a certified copy of formation documents

Now, we give free the following (Total virtual office solutions US$500 per year):
-Free mail forwarding (for a year)
-Appointment of corporate secretary and local agency for a year
-Providing registered office and business address for a year
-Free e-mail account for a year
-Free public telephone line for a year
-Free public fax line for a year

Company formation with trust arrangement

With a trust arragement, we provide a trust scheme that we provide nominee director and nominee shareholder and will prepare for two documents, a trust agreement and the power of attorney.  In the trust agreement, we will declare that we act as trustee and hold the shares for you as a beneficiary and make it stamped so that it takes legal effect.  In the POA, we will sign back to you the powers of the director so that you can sign all agreements, contracts for the company.

For the bank, we will open a multi-currency bank accounty fo you and we will file the trust agreement and POA to the bank and will instruct to the bank that we will not sign for any bank forms and documents for the company, the signing instructions will be your signature for the company, so that the bank will direct mail the token and password to you so that you can operate on-line banking, and the bank will issue debit card to you too.  The network of the debit card is similar to the network of visa card, so you can draw money everywhere.
With this arrangement, we only you to provide:
1) Your passport copy
2) Proof of address copy
3) And no more