Hongkong Company Formation

Hongkong Company Registration

Hongkong Company Registration


If you live and work overseas, but want to invest or set up a company in Hong Kong, you can simply rely on YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED in doing so. YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED can take care of everything for you in corporate formation, management and planning, since YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED is familiar with formation formalities and is able to give you a tangible solution—do your business on YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED' s international back-up system. 

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Hong Kong is situated at the south-eastern tip of the mainland of China . A total area of just under 1,100 square kilometers covers Hong Kong Island , Kowloon and the New Territories and Islands . Its population is around 8 million. Varied people come to HONGKONG to set up varied companies for varied purposes, since HONGKONG companies have their own varied advantages.  


In HONGKONG we are free to make a choice of companies' names, if not registered before. But you are advised to choose the name of your company carefully. It is very important that you portray the image you want for your new company. You are also required to avoid using any company name which may be too similar to any existing company or trademark. A company name can be in English, in Chinese, or both. In cases where the liability of members is limited, whether limited by shares or guarantee, the name must end with "Limited". A proposed company name cannot be the same as any of the existing name registered at the Companies Registry.  


One of the most exciting events covered in the formation of a HONGKONG company is the free business scope. Business scope is not really defined by the government for the businesses you carry on in Hong Kong. If we finish business registration, we can involve in any sectors we want. Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in HONGKONG.


For a HONGKONG limited company, the minimum registered capital is HKD10,000(about USD1,200). The government will levy 0.1% tax if the registered capital surpass HKD10,000.  The board of a company has a final say about paid-up capital. You don't have to pay up your capital at the time the company is formatted.


If we want to incorporate a limited company in HONGKONG, we are required to offer:
Passports of one or more shareholders at age of 18 or above;
Registered capital:  HKD10,000. Paid-up capital is not required.
A registered address, which is usually provided by YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED.
A legal secretary, which is usually acted by YOUFU ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED, who will deal with the government documents on behalf of you.  


7 years , to appoint a Certified Public Accountant to audit the account books before an audit report is prepared and filed with the HONGKONG Inland Revenue Depa rtment, who must be qualified by virtue of

the Hong Kong Professional Accountants Ordinance and completely independent of the company.

There are several distinctive features of the Hong Kong tax system. The tax for registered capital is 0.1% . You can increase the volume of the capital as freely as required. There is no capital gains tax and dividend income tax. The standard corporate profit tax rate of 16.5%, it is relatively low compared with the other developed countries. In HONGKONG, any enterprises are required to have a financial report annually to the Inland Revenue Department. More details about the tax information are available upon request of our valued customers.

You can begin your application by simply downloading and filling in the application form, and send it to us by fax at 86-21- 68880235 or 86-21-13816309213 or by email at [email protected].  When we receive your request, we'll send you a confirmation letter for your final decision. At this time you may pay 50% deposit, so as that we can go ahead with the processing of your application.


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